FAQs For Students

Important things to know to be a successful 6th grader.

What do I need to bring to class daily?

Do I have to complete my homework?

Yes, if you want credit for the assignment. 

What happens if I forget my homework?

Speak with Ms. M, Ms. Hamilton, or Mrs. Ramos at the beginning of the day and you may be able to complete it before we get to that subject or you might be able to bring it the next day. 

What happens if I get a low grade (under 70%) on a test?

If this happens and it does happen to most of us at some point in time then, see Ms. M, Ms. Hamilton, or Mrs. Ramos and together you will come up with a plan on how to retake the test.

How can I best prepare for class?

Complete all assignments to the best of your ability.

If you need help - ASK Ms. M, Ms. Hamilton, or Mrs. Ramos

Study nightly this includes reading and going over things we talked about in class.