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Where do I find out information about bell schedules, dress code, lunch program, etc.?

The best “one-stop shop” is the school website. You can access teacher websites there, see announcements, view a calendar, etc. The school website is here.

How do you help students stay organized?

Ms. Mattingly will be sharing strategies to help students stay organized. Every student in class will be given a composition book, which will be used to record assignments and due dates. If your child wants to use a regular agenda they may purchase one.  

Who do I contact if I have a question or concern?

The best place to start is to reach out to Ms. Mattingly with the question/concern you have. Ms. Mattingly does prefer that students ask before parents step in as this helps develop responsibility. 

Do students have assigned textbooks?

Students do not have assigned textbooks. They do have workbooks for Math.

How much time do students receive for lunch?

Students receive 35 minutes for lunch. When students are released to lunch they should head straight to the lunch area to utilize every moment of lunch wisely. And, of course, we will follow all state, local, and district guidelines that are related to lunch!