Academic Classes

A 93 - 100%

A- 90 - 92%

B+87 - 89%

B 83 - 86%

B- 80 - 82%

C+ 77 - 79%

C 73 - 76%

C- 70 - 72%

F 0 - 69%

Support Classes

E - Excellent

G - Good

S - Satisfactory

N - Needs Improvement


Where will students and parents access grades?

All grades will be posted on Aeries, Temecula Prep's official digital grading portal for parents and students. Students can access Aeries once they have set up a student account.

How do parents access grades?

Parents will need to set up their Aeries parent account to gain access. The required parent steps and paperwork can be found on the TPS site here. If you are having trouble gaining access to Aeries, please contact the school office or email

How often will grades be updated?

Grades will be updated twice a month to provide students and parents with a current understanding of their student's progress.

What should I do if I have an issue/concern with my child's grade?

The first and best place to start is to ask your child about the grade. Then, have your student contact Ms. Mattingly.  If you still have questions please email Ms. Mattingly.