Ms. Mattingly's 

History and Math


Welcome to 6th grade! Here in room 23 we have one rule!  

Behave in a way that allows your TEACHER to focus on TEACHING, your peers to focus on LEARNING, and YOU to focus on DOING YOUR BEST.

Sixth grade is hard but it is fun as well.  This year we will look at our TPS Virtues in Practice through the lens of our rule. Each week we will look at how did we individually and as a class follow the rule in all of our classes virtually. We will talk about how each of us was able to be virtuous and become comfortable asking for help in areas that we need help to do better.

Our day will be broken up into rotations that will cover the following:

So let's all get ready for an amazing year! It is time to "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" ~ Ms. Frizzle