Ms Mattingly's Interesting Facts/Likes

Interesting Facts

My Favorite Things

Ms. Mattingly's Birthday - August 24

Favorite food:  sushi, hamburgers, shrimp/fish tacos

Favorite Drink: coffee (cold brew or macchiato), vanilla chai tea, sparkling

                               flavored water

Favorite restaurants: Starbucks, BJ's, Swing Inn Cafe, Farmer Boys, Taco Bell

Places to Shop: Stater Bros. Albertsons, Joanns, Michaels, Walmart, Amazon

Favorite Scents: Lemon, Citrus, Vanilla

Favorite Candy: sour worms, smarties, hairbo gummies, chocolate

Favorite Snack: rice cakes/popcorn cakes, mango, watermelon, strawberries,

                                grapes, apples(granny smith/honey crisp/gala), cheetos, 

Favorite Sweets: doughnuts (apple fritters are yummy), cinnamon rolls, cream 

                                   puffs, brownies

My Hobbies: crochet, knit, read, lego

Things I like to collect: funko pops, things from history, lego adult kits 

Favorite Flowers: I like all flowers, outside plants are awesome too.  

Favorite Football team: Seattle Seahawks 

Favorite Baseball Team: Seattle Mariners

Favorite Hockey Team: Seattle Kraken

Favorite Soccer Team: Seattle Sounders